Social Bar

Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar is design with minimal links. Easy to understand and easy to navigate.

Hero Slide

The hero feature the  important statement from the daycare provider as well as some photos of children at the daycare in a 3 part slides (3 photos).

About Us

About us is featured right on the Home page. Keeping things short and simple.


Blog was a very important feature for Nenta. She would like it to be easy located for parents. We designed a simple log design right on the home page and featuring 2 posts every time. As Nenta write more posts, the newer ones will be the feature point of this section.

Cool Sliding Design

As viewer continue to slide through the home page. The photos will show a cool sliding feature.

Testimonial Design

The testimonial design has a sliding effect at 1-2 seconds per slide. Showing different review from parents of children at daycare.


Services Design

Services feature shows photos of daycare children in different age category.

Contact Us Design

Contact us is easy to find and easy to understand. Potential parent who are interested can easily contact service provider directly from the website. A great way to interact with them 1:1 prior to setting up a in-person meeting.

Social bar are located at the footer. The icon shows the logo of each social media that Nenta Daycare is on for more information of the daycare.

10th Street Automotive.png

About Section

Once clicked into the link the section link will automatically change to white so that you can differentiate which section you are currently viewing.

Meet The Team

A great way to introduce the service providers if there are more than one in the daycare that are caring for the children.


Easy pin-point where the location of the daycare is so that parent can see how far it is from their own home.

Contact Us

Readily available in case the parent would like to ask questions without having to go back to the home screen to submit their questions or enrollment.